Puppy steps

Puppy steps

If you’ve ever trained to achieve a goal you know that you had to start from zero.

Whether you trained to achieve a physical, mental, intellectual or financial goal, you started from the beginning and you developed into building strong foundations at baby steps to achieve your main result, and it probably, took a few trials to be consistent and get good at it.

Dog training is not much different. To achieve teaching your dog to sit or to walk by your side on a loose leash, you have to break down that behaviour and teach them step by step (puppy steps by the way) so they can understand what it is that you want. That is when a marker becomes super useful in the communication between you and your pooch, so they can understand clearly what exactly they do that makes them receive a reward.

As Rome wasn’t built in one day, your doggo is not going to be a well mannered and well behaved super star in a day or in a week. The key for dog training success is consistency and effective communication with your dog.

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