The myth about socialisation

The myth about socialisation

Socialisation is a hot topic in the dog world, especially in the puppy world. Everyone talks about it and most people think that socialising their puppy means taking them to wherever they go and expose them to as many different people as they can. Myth or fact?

Well, it depends. It is fact that puppies do need to be well socialised while their still young, as they go through their "socialisation period" - which is pretty much like a person's childhood. What happens during this period is going to shape many aspects of how a dog will behave, cope and understand their environment in their future.

The myth part is when people expose their puppies without taking into consideration that this should be done very, very, very slowly - especially for a more sensitive puppy. If your puppy spent their last 16 weeks at home (because of their vaccinations schedule), do you think they'll be all right going to the markets with a live band playing, heaps of people, cars and motorbikes noises, wind, and a bunch of other stuff going on that they have never experienced before?

How someone that has never seen the world would feel like if the first time experiencing the world is extremely overwhelming?

A bit traumatic, right?

I know that for precaution you shouldn't take your puppy out and about until their last vaccination, but this advice put in risk how you are shaping their future. A great way to be able to socialise your puppy without overwhelming them and before their last shots, is to take them to a little car ride for them to get used to it. Stop somewhere for them to observe. Let them sniff. Also a dog pram is a great way for "taking them for a walk" and let them observe the world without people wanting to pet them.

There are great free resources online, so when you get your puppy, do your research BEFORE and make sure you socialise them in the proper way.


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