When it's not the right time

When it's not the right time

I was having a conversation with a couple that were super excited to get their new puppy for Xmas this year. They were getting ready and fencing up their house, trying to do their best and researching about the breed that they were getting, budgeting for what's to come and everything else that involves setting a puppy up to succeed - mostly important, having the time to be there for them.

Things were falling into place and in only a couple of months their dream of owning their own puppy was about to come true. Life keeps happening while we make plans and have big dreams, and during a random afternoon they got a phone call with the big news that they would have to travel for visiting family back in their home country, not in a couple of months, but only next year. Yes, I know, they could've gotten their puppy and until they have to go, they could've simply left the puppy with someone else. This is usually the common path, this is what most people fall into, and this is when things end up going wrong, but they have decided to postpone the decision of getting their own puppy this Xmas and they will wait until they come back from their holidays.

I think I've never heard anyone make such reasonable decision about having a puppy. A puppy needs your time and effort to grow into a well balanced adult dog, especially during teenagehood, it is so important to be there for them. Hearing from this guys that they had to do what it was going to be the best for their puppy and not themselves, was like music in my ears. Regardless of how much you've dreamt about having your puppy or adopting your dog, being mindful that sometimes it's just not the right time. 


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