Why treats are a huge part of dog training?

Why treats are a huge part of dog training?

Rewarding your dog for good behaviour is paramount to develop and build up on a better relationship with them. Different dogs may like or dislike different types of treats, so it is important to try out a few of them before settling into only one. Variation is also important, so when rewarding for a certain behaviour, let's say, recall, for example, having a variety of treats as rewards may keep your dog guessing, instead of already knowing and making a decision that a certain type of treat is not worth it.

Treats are also a key ingredient in associating a stimulus with something good. Dogs then, start to pairing and predict that a certain situation or stimulus will lead to treats and will offer that behaviour more often.

One thing is certain, dogs love treats! And it is so handy to have treats with you while out on a walk. The Walking Bag is the perfect solution for carrying your dog's treats wherever you go.

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